Beginning May 2 FOOD SERVICE PAYMENTS can now be made directly to your Infinite Campus Food Service account.

When you log in to your portal account you will see a new button on the left hand side called "Payments". Please follow the prompts to submit your payment and set up your account. At this time we are only processing payments made through your bank account (either checking or savings).  We hope you find this process simple and convenient.

Please email Mardell ( or Michele ( if you have any questions. We would also like your feedback if you would like the District to also accept credit card payments in addition to the e-check option.


Welcome to the Keewatin Elementary

On behalf of all staff, we would like to welcome you to the 2015-16 Keewatin Elementary School year.  We strive to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where students know that we care about them while maintaining high expectations.  We hope that by working together our students will find school an enjoyable, meaningful and rich experience. If you encounter questions at the Keewatin Elementary, seek out any of our staff members, and we will do our best to help you. As a staff, we are here to make your child's school years as successful and educationally challenging as possible.

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The Keewatin Elementary School has received the 2014-2015 Minnesota School of Excellence endorsement.

The Minnesota School of Excellence Program promotes excellence through a rigorous evaluation process that showcases dynamic schools of the 21st century.

The program, supported by the Minnesota Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, assesses six national standards for quality elementary and middle level schools.

Through the program, elementary and middle level school principals, staff, and school community members demonstrate, as a team, the desire to improve the quality of education by:

--Completing a school community self-study.
--Developing a plan to build on evident strengths and address areas needing improvement.
--Assessing ongoing results from implementing the plan.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Keewatin Elementary School is to establish and maintain an alliance among students, parents, community, administrators, teachers and staff, which will continually adapt to new situations therefore improving the education offered to our students in order to prepare them for the ever-changing challenges of life.

Mission Statement
The Keewatin Elementary School will provide all students with an exemplary academic and social education, by ensuring positive and diverse learning experiences in a positive, safe environment. 


  • We believe all students can learn. 
  • We believe the role of the teacher is to facilitate learning and to guide students through appropriate learning situations.
  • We believe instruction is driven by data.
  • We believe using differentiated instruction meets the needs of all students.
  • We believe parents are vital and active participants in their child.

As parents we can best serve our children’s reading and writing development in the

same way we fostered their spoken language development, by immersing our children in language.

When our children were infants, we constantly talked to them. 
As our children began to attempt to speak, we continued to model speech and encouraged our children to continue trying, even when they may have made some errors. In the same way, immersing children in a print-rich environment can encourage written language development.

Parents who provide and use many 
sources of written information, including story books, magazines, newspapers, and reference books and also give their children opportunities to share what they have read, teach their children that reading and writing are valuable activities. Follow the links below to see how you can instill in your child the love of reading.



Reward schools are Minnesota’s highest performing Title I schools. These schools have demonstrated exceptional student outcomes and success in closing achievement gaps. Reward schools are recognized annually. In addition, some Reward schools have shown sustained success and have been recognized multiple years as is the case with the Keewatin Elementary School.

In 2013, 131 schools received a Reward designation, while 225 schools are classified as Celebration Eligible. These groups represent the highest performing of Minnesota’s 853 Title I schools. We at the Keewatin Elementary are proud to announce we have been designated as a REWARD SCHOOL with the highest multiple measures rating in the state, 99.94% 

Parents have the wonderful opportunity and responsibility for nurturing children. This nurturing process takes place in several areas of development: physical, emotional, and intellectual. While parents can usually find time to read a story to their children, thereby instilling a love for literature, they are often at a loss as to how to instill a love and appreciation for mathematics.

Like reading, mathematics is a subject that is indeed necessary for functioning adequately in society. More than that, mathematics is a subject that should be more enjoyable than it sometimes is. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has identified the appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics as one of the national goals for mathematics education. This goal, coupled with the task of nurturing children's confidence in their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve real-life problems, is a challenge facing every parent today. Follow the links below to see how you as a parent can assist your child in math. 



Keewatin Elementary School
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You can reach  Ms. Nelson at 51151 and Mrs. Gallay at 51154.

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